Tis the season… to plan ahead!

Christmas Women in Contracting survival guiide

Tis the season… to plan ahead!

Happy first day of summer, and (if you’re lucky enough to get some R&R) happy holiday season! We’re getting in the spirit at MEA with our decorations going up and our staff Christmas Party, so I thought I’d share some tips for surviving the Christmas season at work.

Be respectful of the work environment

Speaking of decorations… each year at MEA our staff decorate their “team hubs” to a different theme. Everyone can decorate as a team or individually, and a lot of people get really into it. And that’s great, but it may not always be the case. Don’t go overboard with holiday decorations, particularly anything that sings, dances, squeaks, or makes any other noise. You don’t anything to disrupt productivity, particularly when this time of year is when a lot of planning occurs.

Don’t forget to sleep, eat well, and exercise

Avoid the pre-Christmas slump by maintaining your regular schedules. This can be hard with all of the pre-holiday commitments that seem to fill the calendar, but it’s important that you maintain your sleep and eating patterns. This will help your immune system (nobody wants the dreaded summer cold) and keep you efficient as the holidays loom. Look after yourself as the holidays draw closer.

Express gratitude to your staff

The holidays can be a stressful time; juggling finances and family seems to be an impossible task each and every December. Just as you need to look after yourself, you should consider taking the time to check in on your staff. It shows you care, so be genuine in your approach and thank them for all they’ve helped you achieve for the business this year. After all, they’ve worked hard (hopefully!) for the last 12 months too.

So that’s it, my top tips for having a happy and productive end to the work year. What tips do you have for keeping your sanity in the holiday season?

This post was written by MEA’s Marketing Projects Advisor, Rachelle Forbes. We welcome and encourage guest posts from anyone in the Women in Contracting community. If you have a story to submit, please email us today.

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