How to turn your staff into your advocates

Making staff advocates for your business online

How to turn your staff into your advocates

Using your customers as advocates can be a great way to spread your reach, but have you considered the advocates who exist within your business? We’re speaking of course about those people who make your business run day-to-day – your employees.

Your employees can offer great insight into your business, and should know more about your business than your customers, so why not use them as brand ambassadors? This can be through recommending your Facebook page to their friends (to increase likes), sharing your blog posts (to increase reach), or by writing a guest post for you (to increase engagement). Or why not make a regular post where you introduce a staff member on the job site, or have a “behind the scenes” candid shot from the next office celebration? These sorts of posts add a human element to your channels, and are great for building your brand personality with customers and potential customers.

Not sure how to start? See our tips below.

Step 1: Make a plan and establish guidelines

With every new business venture, the secret is in the planning, and that’s no different for this. Your general goal here is to get your staff active online, but they will need more guidance to get started than a simple memo or email. A few simple tools can make it easy for them to get started and stay focused in their messages.

First, use a Social Media Plan template to assess the current state of your social media channels and outline any future goals you have (get one free here). Then, offer employees defined guidelines using a Social Media Policy (here’s a free template). Your policy shouldn’t just be a list of don’ts, but should include a list of things you want them to do, to make the task as easy for them as possible.

Step 2: Support your new social media stars

Once you’ve created your policy and distributed it to your staff, chat with them about the new requirements and how they can fit them into their workload. This is their chance to come to you with any questions. It’s also a great opportunity to reinforce the important points of the Social Media Policy, and your expectations of their duties. Remember that training is never a one off – you may like to send tips around on a regular basis, and thank them when they’re doing it well.

Step 3 – Make it fun

It’s much easier to get your staff on board if the task seems fun and simple – so take steps to make it feel that way. Just like your current followers, you staff can be motivated by fun social activities. Do you decorate the office for Christmas? Encourage a group photo with staff to highlight your fun corporate culture. Do you staff run a regular sporting competition? Get them to post a selfie after a big win. Having fun with staff cleaning the work vans? There’s a post in that too. These behind the scenes shots not only highlight your businesses human side, they also involve give your staff a chance to show their fun side.

Need help with using social media and other digital tools in your business? Check out MEA’s Electrician’s Digital Business Kit.

This post was written by MEA’s Marketing Projects Advisor, Rachelle Forbes. If you have a story to submit, please email us today.

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