Join us at our first round of WiC events


Join us at our first round of WiC events

Our first round of events will offer insight into not just our WiC program, but also the future of all women in contracting.

Be sure to bring plenty of business cards, as we will start the session with facilitated networking. This is your chance to get to know local colleagues, but also a great practice for improving your networking skills through some quick networking activities.

From there we will move into the nitty gritty of the day – a facilitate panel discussion about the future of all women in contracting. This is your chance to hear a little bit more about the activities we have planned for the year, but also hear from industry experts on how they see the electrical industry opening up to women, and the opportunities and challenges this can create.

It will be my pleasure to personally welcome you to our first round of 2016 events across the country. Whilst we can’t always be everywhere, my hope is that we can move these around to reach as many communities as is practical and that through our other channels, you will be engaged and supported by your peers, wherever you are conducting business. To ensure our conversation is robust, I’d welcome your participation early and regularly. There are many ways to do this including through our speaker call outs, blog posts, social media commentary and more.

If you have any questions about Women in Contracting, or suggestions for upcoming topics, please comment below.


Michelle Cooper
General Manager Membership Services
Measter Electricians Australia

Women in Contracting

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