How to boost your influence at work in four steps

How to boost your influence at work in four steps

Having influence in the workplace isn’t about power and authority; it’s about leadership, increasing communication, and building a more effective team. We all want to be influential in the workplace – it’s a powerful motivator for performance and wellbeing. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for women in the electrical industry to build influence, especially if you’re not on the tools. To help you get started, we’ve put together four simple but effective strategies for finding your voice.

Know yourself, know your colleagues

The first step to becoming more influential is to prepare yourself for the task. Understanding what drives the people you work with will help you plan your approach accordingly. Gather information about your colleagues, and don’t make assumptions. Remember, mutual respect and honesty will take you further.

Be a team player, not just a manager

As a manager, you’d be forgiven for falling into the trap of looking out for the needs of yourself and the overall goals of the organisation. But as a leader, think about the greater good and how you can add more value to your team. By becoming more involved in your team, whether it is by lending a hand, or offering compliments for good work, demonstrations of leadership will be viewed positively among colleagues.

Be there for the long haul

Being part of the team means being there for the long haul. The greatest workplace support comes from colleagues who you have a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with. You will be more successful in influencing others who you have supported in the past and helped them to achieve their goals.

Be meticulous; leave no stone unturned

A leader needs to be trusted, accountable and reliable – so if you say you will do something, then do it. Workplaces are tight knit communities, and like any community, news travels fast, and bad news travels faster! Inconsistencies in what you say and what you do can be seen by others. As a leader, you will be constantly on display and should surround yourself with a network of people that can fill in the gaps and cover your weaknesses. You don’t need to be an expert in everything; instead, surround yourself with quality employees who are specialists in their own area.

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This post was written by MEA’s Marketing Projects Advisor, Rachelle Forbes. If you have a story to submit, please email us today.

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