Four tips for embracing change

Four tips for embracing change

Change; in our current lifestyle, it’s everywhere. People, habits, work, and technology all change regularly, so you need to have a strategy for dealing with change. Mostly, it’s about being mindful, accepting, and having an idea of the bigger picture.
If these concepts seem a little bit unfamiliar, that’s perfectly fine.  This week’s blog post focuses on a bit of personal development, arming you with tools to help accept or combat change.

Understand the reason behind it

Whether the change has happened for better or worse, try to understand the reason behind it. If you’re anything like us, you’ll have a habit for searching for the ‘why’ in things. Take some time to reflect before reacting, not just on what’s happened, but also on the way you’re reacting to it. There’s a reason for everything, even if it isn’t always obvious; searching for reason will help things make sense.

Search for the silver lining

Often, change can breathe new life into tired concepts and practices, even giving way to new ideas and ways of doing things. Ask yourself; how does this benefit me and my business? Try to remain optimistic until you find the silver lining. Sometimes it can be elusive, but remember, the silver lining can be that you’re being challenged with something new, or that you’re learning a new skill.

Own the change and make it work for you

Change is sometimes unsettling, particularly if it removes your sense of control. The easiest way to overcome this fear is to embrace an aspect of the change, work with it and grow it to what you would like to see it be. Not only will you feel the regained sense of control, but you might also create something big!

Be mindful of others

If you initiated the change, be mindful of others who are impacted by your decisions. Everyone has a different level acceptance and will come with their own doubts and fears about the future. Share your vision with those impacted, so they can understand your reasons behind it, and acknowledge their voice as being important. If you can get others to share your vision, they will be the momentum that makes your change happen.
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