Five ways to make tomorrow morning easier

Five ways to make tomorrow morning easier

It’s 4pm, and your work day is nearly over. It’s tempting to start thinking about more practical, outside of work things, like getting the kids from after-school sports, wondering what to cook for dinner, or – we hope not! – wondering if you’ll have to take work home. Until you find yourself wondering, “how did I lose the last few hours; didn’t I just take lunch?”
We’ve all been there. How you’ve lost time could come down to a million reasons; you’ve been answering phones all day, you’ve cleaned up you overflowing inbox, you’ve been writing a report, you’ve been doing payroll, you’ve finished your EOFY budgets. Whatever the reason, the fact remains – it’s time to get organised to stop it from happening again tomorrow!
These five afternoon tips will help you spend your afternoon on productive, time sensitive tasks that will set you on track for a happier, more productive, and hopefully less stressful tomorrow.

2pm: check your progress

Three hours before the end of your day – we’ve chosen a finish time of 5pm, but you can adjust if needed – ask yourself the following questions:

  • What has to be finished today – what cannot wait?
  • What on my list can be pushed until tomorrow?
  • Is there anything I’ve got for tomorrow that should be done today?

This will help you re-prioritise your tasks to use your remaining three hours wisely.

2:15pm: Update today’s to-do list

After you’ve answered the questions about, re-order your to-do list. Any item that isn’t time sensitive or essential can be moved until tomorrow, or even next week. This is your chance to delegate things you will not have time to complete. Need help organising your to-do list? Try an app like Todoist.

3pm: Start thinking about tomorrow

Two hours before you’re due to leave, take a look at what you’ve got planned for tomorrow. If there’s a big meeting, now is the time to prepare for it! Checking your calendar ahead of time and addressing any prep work will help you use your time tomorrow most effectively.

4.45pm: Check your email drafts

Do you sometimes think that you’ve sent an email, only to find it in your drafts folder days later? Getting into a regular habit of checking your drafts folder allows you to shoot off emails at the end of the day. That leaves more time for you tomorrow to move on while waiting for a reply.

4:55pm: Update tomorrow’s to-do-list

Taking two minutes today to review your workload means you can enter the office and hit the ground running tomorrow. Take a look at your workload and prioritise tasks:

  • What do you 100 per cent need to finish tomorrow – make this your number one priority!
  • Is one task dependant on another – do you need to do something first before beginning on another? This should move to the top end of your list.
  • Is there anything that needs to be done at a certain time (such as postage and banking) – make a note of these in your calendar so that you don’t lose track of them.

These simple five tasks shouldn’t take any longer than an hour, but by spreading them out through the afternoon (and thinking about your priorities throughout the day) can help you stay on track.


What time management tips do you use throughout your work day? Share them in the comments below.

This post was written by MEA’s Marketing Projects Advisor, Rachelle Forbes. If you have a story to submit, please email us today.

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